you didn't need the feather to fly

you had it in you the whole time


im jealous of people who can have fun colored hair and look good


sometimes i laugh because yeah, the winchesters stopped the apocalypse, but it took them like a year and ten deaths of close friends and family to do it, but an angel and a demon did it like fifteen years earlier in literally a week and the demon used a tyre iron in the final big fight and then angel was only in because there wouldn’t be any sushi in heaven this is why everyone should read good omens goodbye. 


My anaconda don’t wanna go to class tomorrow


These are “spurious correlations" (created by Tyler Vigen) paired with a comic (by XKCD).

Here’s the cool thing: Vigen points out that when we laugh at these correlations we are actually acting like scientists. He explains it better than I can in this video.

  • what she says: you can touch my hair if you want
  • what she means: please for the love of god play with my hair feel how soft it is i will roll over into your lap like a kitten


scully: mulder what do you think happened here?




average person sees 3 UFOs a year” factoid actualy just statistical error. average person sees 0 UFOs per year. Fox Mulder, who lives in FBI basement & sees over 10,000 each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted




Giles gets knocked down

last night i accidentally made this piece of garbage and i can’t stop laughing

This is, literally, the greatest video ever made in the history of the world.